Barb Wolfe

Associate Professor - Avian, Exotic, and Zoological Medicine Clinical Sciences


About Barb

Dr. Wolfe, DVM, PhD, DACZM, has practiced medicine and conducted research in zoos and conservation centers for over 25 years. She worked for the National Zoo, North Carolina Zoo, the Wilds, the Columbus Zoo, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and taught at North Carolina State University and Ohio State University’s Colleges of Veterinary Medicine prior to coming to CSU. She received her BS in molecular genetics from the University of California, Davis, and her DVM and PhD in reproductive physiology from Texas A&M University. Dr. Wolfe has published over 70 scientific articles and book chapters in zoological medicine and participated in species health conservation projects in China, Thailand, Laos, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Kenya. She's contributed to four different residency training programs in zoological and wildlife medicine, training many of the veterinarians currently working throughout the US in zoological institutions. She currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, the Strategic Planning Committee for the Wildlife Disease Association, and as chair of the Wildlife Exam committee for the American College of Zoological Medicine. Her current research interests include biochemical assessment of chronic stress, understanding microbiome impacts on immunity, and developing assisted reproductive techniques in species in the wild and in human care.