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The Translational Medicine Institute’s goal is to discover and deliver solutions that utilize the body’s healing capacity and improve the lives of animals and the humans that care for them. Explore our research themes and capabilities, familiarize yourself with our laboratories and research units, explore equipment, and learn how the Institute is at the forefront of utilizing translational medicine to shape the future of One Health.

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Our Research Themes

Research within the Institute focuses on three major themes: Musculoskeletal Health and Repair, Infectious and Immune Disease, and Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy.

Under each theme are capabilities from our laboratories and research units. The Institute's success in improving the lives of animals and the humans who care for them is dependent on our principal investigators and faculty working in collaboration with these laboratories and units. It's what allows us to create real outcomes that impact human and veterinary medicine on a global scale.

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Interested in conducting your next project or trial at the Translational Medicine Institute? Explore our facilities and equipment and see what's available for your next veterinary or human medicine project.


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Research on a global scale

Featuring a vast network of investigators of translational medicine from around the world, Scientific Global Talks brings cutting-edge research information to a global audience. Working collaboratively both within the Translational Medicine Institute as well as with many worldwide investigators, we are committed to our mission to improve the lives of animals and humans through biologic therapies, to expedite the availability of these therapies, and to promote education related to these goals. Scientific Global Talks aligns with this mission.

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