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The Equine Reproduction Laboratory stands strongly upon the three pillars of its foundation: top-notch education, cutting-edge research, and quality clinical services. Our focus on innovative teaching of undergraduate, post-graduate and veterinary students combined with industry-leading advanced clinical techniques puts the Equine Reproduction Laboratory at the forefront of equine reproduction. We are proud to have become a world leader within the equine reproduction industry, providing unsurpassed care for over five decades.

Our veterinarians and staff understand that each clinical case is unique, and they work as a team, often in tandem with owners and trainers to provide a tailored reproductive service to the individual horse.

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Here for your horse

Whether you are a large equine breeding facility with years of experience, or just stepping into the industry, the Equine Reproduction Laboratory is here to support you. Each mare, stallion, and foal receive individualized care in an effort to reach every owner’s goals for their breeding program. 

Our goal is to ensure that each owner remains fully informed on the status of their horse(s), beginning with the initial examination procedure(s) and throughout subsequent reproductive services. We strive to provide an environment that allows an owner to feel comfortable asking questions and encourage participation in discussions regarding diagnostic tests, breeding management plans and therapeutic procedures. Our client coordinators, technical support staff and specialty clinicians are committed to helping guide both novice and experienced horse owners through a sometimes-challenging breeding season.

The ultimate goal for all of us is the successful birth of healthy foals.

Our history

Founded in 1967, the Equine Reproduction Laboratory has evolved into an international leader in assisted reproduction techniques, and educates students in equine theriogenology with hands-on internship and residency programs. Equine-specific reproduction techniques and research were born out of the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory, a long-standing university program originally dedicated to the reproduction of cattle to both educate veterinary students and improve the size and quality of local herds.

For over 50 years, researchers at the Equine Reproduction Laboratory have developed reproductive techniques benefiting horses and preserving bloodlines. Multiple techniques used today in human and animal reproduction assistance were pioneered at the laboratory, including semen freezing and cooling, embryo transfer, and other advanced reproductive procedures including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and advanced methods of semen and embryo preservation.

Our team

Horse owners can expect expertise, devotion, and compassion from our team of dedicated veterinary faculty, staff, and students.

Meet the Team

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