Anatomic Pathology

Imaging, slide interpretation, and histology services

With the expertise of a board-certified pathologist, we can help researchers troubleshoot animal model tissue collection and tissue fixation, and we provide histology services, including in-house and novel antibody validation for immunohistochemistry. Other services include pathology interpretation of slides, imaging, and quantitative AI-driven analysis.

Experimental Pathology Facility

Anatomic pathology services are offered through the Experimental Pathology Facility, a university-wide resource available to researchers within and outside Colorado State University. Researchers gain access to personal, one-on-one consultation from our team of pathologists and laboratory specialists who provide a multivariant approach to research questions.

If you have questions about our services, need tissue preparation troubleshooting, or general assistance with your slides or samples, our pathologists are here to help.

Contact the Experimental Pathology Facility


pink microscopic image taken using Visiopharm technology


With access to both bright-field and fluorescent microscopy, we can provide imaging for histologic and cytologic specimens.

Specialized equipment:

  • Olympus BX43 light microscope for still microphotographs
  • Olympus VS120 virtual slide microscope for automated scanning
  • Akoya Biosciences Vectra Polaris spectral microscope for automated quantitative pathology imaging

Slide interpretation

Histologic assessment

Our board-certified pathologists provides robust assessment of histologic tissues via slide reading.

AI-based image analysis

Using Visiopharm®‘s AI-driven image analysis tools, our lab can provide quantitative analysis for a variety of different tissue parameters. Capabilities include:

  • 2 AI licenses for complex application development
  • Tissue alignment capabilities to digitally merge serial sectioned tissue
  • Phenotypic license for interpreting complete multiplex immunohistochemical assays

Histologic services

We provide comprehensive histologic services for a range of research needs.

Submission Process

step 1

Choose a service

Determine which anatomic pathology service you need: imaging, slide interpretation, or histology.

step 2

Complete and print submission form

Download, fill out, and print the histology and anatomic pathology research submission form and include it with your samples and/or slides.

Histology and Anatomic Pathology Research Submission Form

step 3

Drop off or ship samples and/or slides

Follow shipping and drop-off procedures through the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories.

Shipping and Drop Off

step 4

Receive results or completed samples

Depending on the service requested, we will either e-mail test results to you or have your product ready for shipment or delivery. Turnaround time depends on the complexity of your submission.