Histochemical Special Stains

Stain Short NameGeneral UseSample Type
Hematoxylin and EosinH&ETissue DifferentiationFFPE, Smears
Acid Fast Bacteria AFBMycobacteriumFFPE, Smears
GramGramBacteriaFFPE, Smears
Warthin Starry / SteinersWSFungi, Helicobacter Pylori, Legionella pneumophila and spirochettesFFPE, Smears
Grocott methenamine silverGMSFungi and MelaninFFPE, Smears
Congo RedAmyloid AmyloidosisFFPE, Smears
Fouchet'sBileBillirubinFFPE, Smears
RhodanineCopperCopperFFPE, Smears
Perls Prussian BlueIronIronFFPE, Smears
Von Kossa CalciumCalcium deposits in tissuesFFPE, Smears
TrichromeMasson'sDiffention of collagensFFPE, Smears
Verhoeff's stainVEGDifferentiation of elastic fibers FFPE, Smears
Periodic Acid-SchiffP.A.S ± LG Diffention of basement membranes, glycogen, fungus and and mucostubstancesFFPE, Smears
ReticulumReticulumConnective TissueFFPE, Smears
Safrainin O / Fast GreenSO / FGCartilageFFPE, Smears
Toluidine Blue T-blueReveals Basophilia / Chromatin FFPE, Smears
GiemsaGiemsaNuclear / chromatin differentiation and parasites such as MalariaFFPE, Smears
Wright GiemsaWG Differentiation of blood cells, lymphomaSmears
Melanin BleachMelanin BleachMelanin FFPE, Smears
Oil Red OOil Red ODifferentiation of lipidsSmears
Osmium (lipid stain) OTODifferentiation of lipidsFFPE, Smears