Anita Amin

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

B308 Micro

(970) 491-5736

About Anita

Anita is a Research Associate Scientist in the laboratory of Dr. Chatterjee and she is also the laboratory manager involved in day to day proper functioning of the lab including hiring and training new personnel. She is a molecular biologist and a microbiologist by training and in Dr. Chatterjee’s laboratory was introduced to hard core biochemistry. Anita has proper training to work in a biosafety level 3 laboratory and has about 20 years of experience in safe handling of BSL-3 organisms. She has worked on different aspects of LAM (Lipoarabinomannan) over the years including its purification from in vitro grown mycobacterial cell cultures, LAM structure and biology. She has, in the past few years, worked extensively and actively on TB diagnostics and developed an immunoassay based method for TB diagnosis. She was responsible for the development of Capture ELISA for the detection of LAM (as a biomarker for TB) in urine and serum of TB patients or suspects. Anita has been actively involved with various groups outside of CSU for very successful collaborative work with InBios Interational Inc., Seattle; Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) Switzerland; Dr. Abraham Pinter at Rutgers University, New Jersey; Dr .Jacqueline Achkar at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Bronx, New York and Oxford Immunotec Ltd, Oxfordshire, UK.