Christine Olver

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

111 Diagnostic Medicine Center

(970) 297-5113

About Christine

Dr. Olver is Professor of Clinical Pathology. Her research interests include: (1) Red blood cell regeneration and reticulocyte maturation: reticulocytes mature into erythrocytes through a series of secretion pathways, including exosomal secretion pathways. Through proteomic and standard biochemical analysis, this work characterizes the molecular mechanism of exosome biogenesis. In the horse, transferrin receptor expression in serum exosomes is upregulated in a model of regenerative anemia. (2) Diagnostic uses of plasma exosomes: Exosomes, subcellular particles secreted by cells into the circulation, provide a snapshot of cellular activity in distant sites, for example in the diagnosis of canine osteosarcoma.


BS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1983PhD, The Ohio State University, 1994DVM, The Ohio State University, 1987


Diplomate, Clinical Pathology
American College of Veterinary Pathology


Comparison of methods for albumin and immunoglobulin depletion from equine serum. Christine S. Olver, Teckla L. Webb, Lindsey J. Long, Hataichanok Scherman, Jessica E. Prenni Accepted Veterinary Clinical Pathology, in revision processCloning and tissue expression of the equine transferrin receptor: progress toward quantifying a regenerative response in the horse Teckla L. Webb, Robert C. Burnett1, Anne C. Avery, Christine S. Olver Submitted to Veterinary Clinical Pathology