Research Topic Directory Internal Medicine and Nutrition

ProfessorClinical Sciences

Specialties: Immunology, Immunotherapy, Cancer, Gastroenterology

Associate Professor, Small Animal Internal MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialties: Small Animal Exclusive/Predominant (including pet exotics), Urinary, Endocrinology

Professor, Equine MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialty: Equine Exclusive/Predominant

(970) 297-4146

ProfessorClinical Sciences

Specialty: Infectious Disease

(970) 297-0313

Assistant Professor - Small Animal Internal MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialty: Endocrine and infectious diseases

(970) 491-1278

Associate Professor, Equine MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialties: Clinical research: Equine neurology including gait assessment, diagnostic imaging, electrodiagnostics, Basic research: Spinal cord injury

(970) 491-1278

Assistant Professor - Equine Internal MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialties: Large animal topics in critical care, Large animal cardiology, Large animal renal disease fluid therapy

(970) 297-4094

Assistant ProfessorClinical Sciences

Specialty: Coagulation Problems and Liver Diseases

(970) 297-5388

Assistant ProfessorClinical Sciences

Specialties: Obesity management, Dietary copper FGF23 and phosphorus homeostasis, Nutritional management of gastrointestinal disease

(970) 297-5069

Service Head- Small Animal Internal MedicineClinical Sciences

Specialties: Gastroenterology, Feline GI lymphoma adipose-derived stem cell therapy

(970) 297-5069

Urgent Care FacultyClinical Sciences

(970) 297-4237