Eric Monnet

Professor, Small Animal Surgery Clinical Sciences


(970) 297-4450

About Eric

Dr. Eric Monnet graduated from veterinary school in Maisons Alfort, France in 1985. He worked for four years in a Paris private practice performing small animal medicine and surgery. In 1994, he completed a small animal surgery residency at Colorado State University and concurrently finished a Master of Sciences degree. In 1997, Dr. Monnet received his PhD in Clinical Sciences studying cardiac efficiency in dogs. In 2003, he became a fellow of the American Heart Association. Dr Monnet is currently a professor in small animal surgery (soft tissue) at CSU.


American College of Veterinary Surgeons
European College of Veterinary Surgeons


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Research Specialty

Clinical specialty: Small Animal General SurgeryClinical interest: Portosystemic shunts, Cardiothoracic surgery, Adrenal disease, Airway diseases, Minimally Invasive SurgeryResearch Interest: Heart failureTeaching interest: Minimally invasive surgery, general surgery