Timothy Holt

Professor, Livestock Services Clinical Sciences

About Timothy


DVM, Colorado State University, 1988BS, Fort Lewis College, 1980


Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Certified Veterinary Manual Therapist


Right ventricular hypertrophy with heart failure in Holstein heifers at 1,600: mC. Malherbe,1 T. N. Holt,2 J Marquard,3 D. Legg, K. Cammack,5 D O’Toole3 submitted for publicatoin Camelid Medicine, Medical book being written, primary editor Dr. David Anderson, Manuscript in preparation Neurological causes of diaphragmatic paralysis in eleven alpacas (Vicugna pacos)Byers, Stacey; Barrington, George; Nelson, Danielle; Haldorson, Gary; Holt, Timothy; Callan, Robert. Accepted for publication, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 2010.The Genetics of Adaptation of Cattle to High Altitude Environment: Brisket Disease in North Western Ethiopia. Zewdu Wuletaw Maria Wurzinger, Tim Holt, Johann Sölkner. Journal of Livestock Science, 2010 Accetpted for publicationThe Merck Veterinary Manual, Tenth Edition. Merck and Co, INC. Whitehouse Station, NJ, USA Edition out in circulation Genomic Biomarkers And Cellular Pathways Of High Altitude Pulmonary Hypertension In Cattle By RNA Gene Expression Profiling. J.H. Newman T.N. Holt B. Womack L. Hedges J.A. Phillips, III R. Hamid, scientific abstract at this point, Manuscript completedGenetic Basis of High Altitude Pulmonary Hypertension in Cattle (Brisket Disease) John H. Newman, MD1, Christopher M. Seabury, Ph.D.3 Rizwan Hamid, MD2, Shafia S. Memon, MD2, Timothy N. Holt, DVM4, James E. Womack

Research Specialty

Mixed Animal (large and small)