Stuart Tobet

Biomedical Sciences

W224 AZ

(970) 491-1672

About Stuart

Dr. Stuart Tobet is Professor of Neurobiology and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Tobet’s research program stretches across several organs, including the organization of clusters of neurons in the hypothalamus that act as key regulators of many homeostatic mechanisms (e.g., body temperature regulation) and motivated behaviors (e.g., feeding, drinking, and reproduction), and regulate many sex-dependent functions. Other foci include neural-immune interactions in the intestine and lung. Time-lapse video microscopy is used to observe cell movements in organotypic slices of tissue, while immunohistochemistry identifies key molecular players in tissues after fixation. Another interest in the lab is developing microfluidic devices and biosensors for following molecular changes in organotypic preparations ex vivo. The Tobet laboratory employs techniques spanning in vivo to in vitro, molecular to cellular, and behavioral.


BS, Tulane University, 1978MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985


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