Angela Bosco-Lauth

Assistant Professor Biomedical Sciences


(970) 491-8165

About Angela

My primary research interests focus on zoonotic infectious diseases, including viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, influenza, West Nile, as well as bacterial and fungal pathogens. Current projects focus on host pathogenesis and immunity as well as transmission dynamics and environmental factors that contribute to infection. My favorite projects involve developing artificial ecosystems within the laboratory to simulate the dynamic and complex transmission processes that take place in the “real world.” I’m also interested in vector-host-pathogen interactions involving both mosquito- and tick-borne diseases. Additional projects include vaccine development and testing for a variety of zoonotic diseases, such as brucellosis in ruminants and wildlife, rabies virus, and most recently SARS-CoV-2. Most recently, I’ve become intrigued by the ability of pathogens to transmit via aerosols and have started to integrate numerous methods for sampling aerosols during experimental infection studies. All of my projects are highly collaborative and require multidisciplinary expertise for success. My teaching responsibilities include: Course coordinator for VM722- Veterinary Pharmacology; course instructor for VM618- Veterinary Physiology; course instructor for ERHS430- Human Disease and the Environment.


DVM, Colorado State University, 2017PhD, Colorado State University, 2010BS, Colorado State University, 2006