Adam Chicco

Professor Biomedical Sciences

About Adam

Dr. Chicco is a Professor of Biomedical Sciences, with expertise in cardiorespiratory physiology and metabolism. His laboratory studies how variations in lipid metabolism contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, with a particular interest in the roles of polyunsaturated fatty acids and mitochondria. His research group conducts basic, integrative and translational studies utilizing animal models of human disease, dietary and pharmacological interventions, and genetic gain/loss-of-function approaches to target central regulators of metabolism in health and disease. These studies are complimented by collaborative projects with faculty at CSU and across the country investigating metabolic adaptations to physiological and pathogenic stress in humans, laboratory animals and non-model organisms.


Postdoc, University of Colorado Boulder, 2007PhD, Northern Colorado, 2004MS, Temple University, 1999BA, Marietta College, 1993