Staff Directory Cardiology


June Boon Clinical Instructor, Cardiology
Chris Orton Helen D. Van Dyke Chair, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Professor
Brianna Potter Assistant Professor - Cardiology
Brian Scansen Service Head and Associate Professor, Cardiology
Lance Visser Associate Professor - Cardiology

Residents, Interns, and Post Docs

I Jung Chi Veterinary Resident, Cardiology
Bruna Del Nero Veterinary Resident, Cardiology
Hillary Hammond Veterinary Resident, Cardiology
Galina Hayes Visiting Scholar Fellowship in Cardiac Surgery
Evan Ross Veterinary Resident, Cardiology


CJ Florian Service Excellence Client Liaison
Nicole Maddox Hybrid OR/Radiology Technician
Camy Witt Veterinary Technician - Cardiology