Orthopedic Surgery Pricing

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The following are general fee estimates. An individualized detailed estimate will be provided following evaluation of your pet.

Initial consultation

Consultation appointment – $160-250
Sedated radiographs – $250/joint


Surgery estimates typically include the initial consultation, immediate pre- and post-op radiographs, anesthesia, surgery, overnight hospitalization, in-hospital physical therapy and home exercise consultation, go-home medications, and the two-week post-operative reassessment.

Hospital policy is to collect a deposit of 80% of the estimate prior to surgery, and the balance upon discharge of the patient.


Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) – $4,000-4,500
Extra-capsular stabilization – $3,000-3,500
Patella luxation small breed/lower grade – $3,000
Patella luxation large breed/complex higher grade – $4,500-6,000
Fractures – $4,500-7,000
Elbow and shoulder arthroscopy (including CT) – $3,800-4,500
Femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO) – $3,000-3,500
Total hip replacement – $6,000-7,500