PetVivo/KUSH™ Canine Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial

The orthopedic medicine and mobility service is conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a novel product that is injected into the joint to potentially reduce lameness and improve function in dogs with naturally occurring osteoarthritis of the elbow joint.

The injectable biologic material contains gel particles that are intended to provide a soft, elastic cushion within the joint space to decrease pain and improve joint function. Participating dogs will receive either an injection of this product and a steroid directly into the elbow joint (treatment group), or they will receive an injection of the steroid only (placebo group). Dogs in the placebo group can receive the treatment later in the study if the owner desires.

The product has been tested in rabbits and in a small number of dogs without reported adverse events (however, the canine trials were not performed under controlled circumstances).

Benefits of participation

All costs related to the study will be fully covered including:

  • Seven veterinary exams/rechecks
  • Bloodwork at the first visit
  • Elbow X-rays at the second visit (unless taken within the previous six months and provided)
  • Anesthetic joint block at the second visit (used to verify that the lameness originates in the elbow)
  • Gait analysis (your dog is walked over a pressure-sensitive mat)
  • Joint injection of the test product
  • Temporary use of an activity tracker that your dog wears
  • Monetary incentive of $1,000 if your pet is successfully enrolled and you fulfill all study requirements

Owners must agree to

  • Bring their pet to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for seven visits at specified time points over the course of 12 months. Each visit will include an exam and gait analysis. Additional procedures conducted at one of the early visits include a blood draw, sedated X-rays, and two sedated joint injections.
  • Complete multiple questionnaires throughout the study.
  • Place an activity monitor onto the dog’s collar, which he or she must wear continuously throughout the study.

eligibility information

  • Dogs must be fully grown, weigh more than 10 kg (22 lbs), and have lameness attributable to arthritis in both elbow joints (based on radiographs and other evidence).
  • Dogs must be on a consistently administered dose of an NSAID (e.g., Rimadyl, Metacam, etc.) for at least four weeks prior to enrollment.
  • Dogs must be in good general health and must not have had surgery, joint injections, or septic arthritis in the elbows within the previous six months.


Trial ends 11/30/2021

contact information

To enroll in our arthritis studies, please take the arthritis enrollment survey.​

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