Joint Supplement Trial


Evaluation of joint supplementation formulas for the treatment of naturally occurring canine osteoarthritis

To compare two formulas of Platinum Performance Canine CJ joint supplement for treatment of pain and mobility concerns in dogs with naturally-occurring osteoarthritis.

Dogs will be randomly assigned to receive two different formulations of a joint supplement (administered once daily) to current diet. Dogs will undergo serial evaluations (seven visits) over approximately five months. These evaluations include bloodwork, physical examinations, and gait analysis.


  • Your dog will need to be returned to the CSU-VTH for a total of seven visits for data collection
  • The supplement has to be given daily for the duration of the study
  • Maintain your pet’s medication regime throughout the study (if changes are required you need to inform us about the changes)
  • Fill out owner questionnaires regarding your dog’s mobility and pain level


All supplements/evaluations/treatments will be provided free of charge. If all study visits, forms, and other requirements (such as filling out the questionnaires as well as required tax documents) are fulfilled, you will receive an incentive of $500 at the completion of the study.



eligibility information

  • Dogs with osteoarthritis of the carpus, elbow, shoulder, tarsus, stifle, or hips
  • Dogs must weigh over 5kg
  • Dogs may not receive any joint supplements besides fish oil for eight weeks prior to enrollment

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends October 31, 2022

contact information

Please complete our enrollment survey.

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