Feline GI Cancer Core

This project is designed to collect as much information as possible that might help us determine the cause(s), best diagnostic tests, possible preventions, treatments, and the progression of feline chronic gastrointestinal disease; specifically inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and gastrointestinal lymphoma. Your cat will undergo very much the same diagnostic work-up, sample collection, and procedures as any hospital client-owned cat with a similar problem. As part of the project, we will also ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us gather information and then help us follow up in the future so we can keep track of how your cat is doing.


inflammatory bowel disease

eligibility information

All cats who present with clinical signs of a chronic enteropathy (e.g. > two weeks of diarrhea, vomiting, weight-loss, nausea, change in appetite, etc.) and for whom tissue collection (i.e. endoscopy, laparoscopy, or laparotomy to obtain gastrointestinal biopsies) is deemed an appropriate next diagnostic step will be eligible for project inclusion. The majority of these cases will have undergone some form of two-week diet trial suitable to ruling out a food-responsive chronic enteropathy, and if not, this may be required as an appropriate diagnostic step before tissue sample collection is recommended. Owners must be willing to sign the client consent form and agree to follow the conditions and requirements of the study protocol.

contact information

For more information or to enroll, email webbclinicaltrials@colostate.edu.