Colorado Avian Health Program

Avian influenza detected in Colorado

As of February 2022, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has been detected in wild birds and poultry across many states. Learn more about HPAI detections in Colorado.

If you want to test your flock for avian influenza, please get in touch with us before submitting a sample. You can contact us at (970) 297-4008 or

Through diagnostic testing, education, and outreach services, the Colorado Avian Health Program promotes avian health and responds to disease outbreaks that threaten the health of birds and livelihoods of commercial and backyard poultry producers.

Avian disease surveillance

The Colorado Avian Health Program administers resources to flock owners in the interest of keeping Colorado’s bird population healthy.

Avian Health Hotline

It is critical to report sick birds or unusual bird deaths.

  • For sick birds or birds that have died from unknown causes, call the Avian Health Hotline at (970) 297-4008.
  • For dead birds, call the Avian Health Hotline at (970) 297-4008 to coordinate HPAI testing through the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Fort Collins.
  • For dead wild birds, if you find three or more dead wild birds in a specific area within a two week period OR if you see live birds showing clinical signs of disease, please contact your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.
  • For multiple sick domestic birds or multiple unusual domestic bird deaths, call the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office at (303) 869-9130 or the USDA-Veterinary Services Colorado Office at (303) 231-5385.

Diagnostic testing

A critical component of disease surveillance, diagnostic testing for avian diseases like pullorum-typhoid, mycoplasma gallisepticum, mycoplasma synoviae, salmonella enteritidis, and avian influenza virus helps poultry producers keep their flocks healthy.

We conduct disease testing at the state and county fairs, shows, and poultry events in Colorado, as part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and as a paid service through the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories.

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National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

The Colorado Avian Health Program is the Official State Agency for the National Poultry Improvement Plan in Colorado, and administers cooperative testing and certification for poultry breeding flocks, baby chicks, poults, hatching eggs, hatcheries, and dealers.

NPIP Colorado

Resources for flock owners


If you want to learn more about increasing your biosecurity and keeping your birds healthy, visit the Defend the Flock Program website for a list of tools and resources for flock owners.

Poultry import requirements

For information about Colorado’s poultry import requirements (moving animals into Colorado from another state), visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture website.

Avian diseases

Learn more about diseases affecting flocks in Colorado: