Microbiology Student Association

The Microbiology Student Association (MSA) is a student community within the Department of
Microbiology and Infectious Disease at Colorado State University. MSA is comprised primarily
of undergraduate students with concentrations in Microbiology and Infectious Disease, however
individuals from every major are also welcome and encouraged to attend our events!

MSA organizes many events that encourage networking and career planning, as well as
camaraderie within the CSU microbiology community. Some of these events include:

Informative Seminars:

  • Lectures from subject matter experts regarding many topics from epidemiology to virology
  • Graduate student panels aimed at informing Microbiology undergraduates of
    professional-school opportunities and experiences
  • Informative seminars about professional-certificate programs such as Medical Laboratory
    Science (MLS)

Non-instructive Activities:

  • Lab coat tie dye events
  • Fall and spring semester kickoff parties
  • Craft nights
  • Outdoor hikes around the Fort Collins area

Community Service Opportunities:

  • Fall and spring clean-up events around the Fort Collins community
  • RamRide participation

If you are interested in obtaining more information about MSA, please contact csumicrobiology@gmail.com