Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program Faculty

NameResearch Interest
Abdo, ZaidMicrobiome/metagenomics/computational biology and bioinformatics
Anderson, BrookeHealth risks associated with climate-related exposures, including heat waves and air pollution
Argueso, J. LucasGenome stability
Basaraba, RandyPathogenesis of tuberculosis in several animal models
Belisle, JohnMycobacterium tuberculosis proteins, growth regulation, pathogenesis, immunization targets
Chicco, AdamMechanisms and (patho) physiological consequences of altered mitochondrial function and fatty acid metabolism in the context of physiological and pathological stress
Dow, SteveNew immunotherapy approaches to treatment of cancer
Ebel, GregoryArboviral genetic diversity and adaptation to host and vectors
Foy, BrianVector biology, arbovirology, interactions at the interface of hosts, vectors and pathogens
Henao-Tamayo, MarcelaMemory immunity in tuberculosis
Kading, RebekahEcology and transmission dynamics of vector-borne pathogens, emerging arboviruses
Magzamen, SherylEnvironmental health science and quantitative methodology applied to chronic diseases
Mathiason, CandaceMother to offspring transmission of prions and viruses and intervention therewith; prions in blood
Moreno, JulieMechanisms of misfolding proteins in the brain during neurodegenerative diseases and aging that cause neuronal toxicity
Myers, BrentIntegration of limbic neurocircuits to determine the biological basis for stress effects on health
Perera, RushikaImpact of cellular metabolism on arbovirus replication within vertebrate hosts and arthropod vectors
Pezzanite, LynnMulti-drug resistant infections in both human and veterinary surgery
Podell, BrendanDiabetes-tuberculosis comorbidity, pathology
Santangelo, KellyAnimal models of primary and secondary osteoarthritis
Zabel, MarkInteraction of prions with cells and receptors of the immune system and lymphoid tissues in the early entry, trafficking, and pathogenesis phases of prion infections