Kavita De

Research Scientist/Scholar I Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

B417 Micro

(907) 491-4067

About Kavita

Kavita obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry from University Paris XI, France. She is an expert in multistep synthesis of organic compounds, chromatographic purifications, analysis of chemical compounds using NMR and Mass spectrometry. She is trained in growing and maintaining cells (THP-1, A549, HepG-2, HeLa) and NTM cultures, in vitro assays (MIC, MBC, cytotoxicity), ex vivo assays (THP-1 cell infection). Her present research focuses on studying the effects of covalent modifications of Arabinogalactan and Lipoarabinomannan on the immune pathogenesis of Mtb.