Fabiola Silva Angulo

Research Associate I - Izzo Lab Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

B203 Micro

(970) 491-5604

About Fabiola

Fabiola Silva Angulo is a graduate student in the Microbiology PhD program at Colorado State University. She received her DVM at Universidad de Concepcion, Chile. Her current project in the Henao lab involves evaluating the role of lung and gut microbiome after Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and BCG vaccination. She recently received the Research and Response Network (IDR2N) Extern Scholarship to perform part of her research at the University of Bordeaux, France.


DVM, Universidad de Concepcion, 2014


Bickett T., Mclean J., Creissen E., Izzo L., Hagan C., Izzo A., Silva Angulo F., Izzo A. 2020. Characterizing the BCG induced macrophage and neutrophil mechanisms for defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Frontiers in Immunology.Bickett T., Creissen E., Silva Angulo F., Izzo A., Izzo L., Izzo A. 2019. Characterizing the BCG induced T cells independent mechanisms for defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J. Immunology. Vol 202 no. 1 Suplement 62.12.