Occupational Safety Management and Leadership

Building on previous research on the safety training needs of the dairy industry’s primarily immigrant workforce, David Douphrate and collaborators aim to design and implement a supervisor training program to increase the safety leadership skills of supervisors and improve safety culture on the dairy overall.

The training engages participants in 12 interactive digital lessons and assignments. Then extension agents reinforce the management practices introduced in digital lessons during hands-on coaching sessions. In addition to training modules, participants complete a daily report. The app-based questionnaire assesses the participant’s adherence to practices described in the modules and during hands-on sessions.

To date, 56 dairy supervisors have completed the training across Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas. Feedback from participants reveals high levels of satisfaction with the training. Specifically, many report utilizing skills and knowledge from the training to improve communication with their supervisees.

Funded By: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Funding Period: 2016-2021

Training Topics

Man gesture towards a dairy cow while four people watch

Dairy Safety Introduction
Supervisor Role and Worker Role
Causes of Injuries and Fatalities
Safety Hazards
Hazard Recognition & Prevention
Modeling Safety
Effective Safety Communications
Safety Discipline
Workplace Conflict
Safety Culture

I really liked that I started looking at details that are overlooked when you’ve been working in the industry for a while. I look at them in a different way now. It gave me a safety toolkit.

Training Participant

Principal Investigator

David Douphrate
David Douphrate, PhD, MBA, MPT, CPE

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Texas A&M University
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health