Program Contacts

If you have general questions about the D.V.M. Program, email D.V.M. Student Services or call (970) 491-5355. For questions about admissions, email D.V.M. Admissions.

Melinda Frye, D.V.M.

Associate Dean for Veterinary Academic and Student Affairs

Office: (970) 491-2009


Gretchen Delcambre, D.V.M.

Assistant Dean of Admissions

Office: (970) 491-6163

Janet Janke

Director of D.V.M. Admissions Operations

Office: (970) 491-7052

Support Services

Kayla Welte, AFC®, ChFC®, CFP®

​Financial Education Specialist

Office: (970) 491-2563

Pamela Kemp, M.Ed., L.P.C., N.C.C.

D.V.M. Counselor and Manager of Wellbeing Programs

Office: (970) 491-3919

Chase Weldon

Career Education Manager

Office: (970) 491-0526

Support Staff

Danielle Frey, D.V.M.

​Director of International Student Experiences for D.V.M. Students

Deb Liptak

D.V.M. Student Coordinator Years 3 and 4

Office: (970) 297-0384

Adrienne Marcus

D.V.M. Professional Resources Coordinator

Office: (970) 491-7054

Lisa Shugarts

D.V.M. Administrative Assistant

Andrew West, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning

Office: (970) 491-2184