EJ Ehrhart III

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

252 Flint Cancer Center

(970) 297-4086

About EJ

Oncological pathology, Ophthalmological pathology. Interest is in the study of proteins and protein signaling, also known as proteomics. The Comparative Pathology and Proteomics Laboratory researches the role of proteins in health and cancer. We study the proteins that differ between normal and cancerous tissue to tell us which proteins have become dysregulated. The proteins unique to a certain tumor (tumor markers) can be used as a means to more accurately diagnose the tumor and predict it's behavior. These unique proteins can also be used as targets for cancer therapy allowing for treatments to be personalized for each specific tumor and individual.


BS, University of Missouri, Columbia MO, 1984DVM, University of Missouri, Columbia MO, 1987Residency, Colorado State University, 1994PhD, Colorado State University, 1996


American College of Veterinary Pathologists


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