Vivienne Owusu-Sampah

Student Administrative Assistant Veterinary Teaching Hospital

About Vivienne

Vivien Owusu-Sampah is the student employee for the Argus Institute and assists with making clay remembrance paw prints for James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital clientele. She’s a Colorado transplant, originally from Virginia. She has more than seven years of experience working with animals of all types, from domestic cats and dogs to wild raccoons and bears. She has a background working in veterinary clinics as a receptionist and veterinary assistant, as well as working as a park ranger in Grand Teton National Park. In 2017, she obtained her certification as a Kundalini yoga teacher and enjoys practicing in her free time. Vivien currently attends Colorado State University as a fish, wildlife, and conservation biology major and aspires to have a career in wildlife rehabilitation. She is the owner of a silken windhound named Birdie and, in her free time, enjoys making art, playing video games, hiking, writing, reading, and watching movies.