Stuart Tobet

Biomedical Sciences

About Stuart

Dr. Stuart Tobet is Professor of Neurobiology. Dr. Tobet’s research program examines organization of clusters of neurons deep in the preoptic area and hypothalamus centers that act as key relay stations that control many homeostatic mechanisms (e.g. body temperature regulation) and motivated behaviors (e.g., feeding and drinking), and regulate many sex-dependent functions. Time-lapse video microscopy is used to observe cell movements in slices of embryonic brain tissue. Additional projects involving motion of cells in the adult pituitary (gonadotropes) and ovary (follicles and ova) are interests in the lab particularly as related to developing microfluidic devices and biosensors for following molecular changes. The Tobet laboratory employs techniques spanning in vivo to in vitro, molecular to cellular and behavioral.


BS, Tulane University, 1978MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985


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