Cassie Seebart

Clinical Sciences

About Cassie

Cassie originally hails from Wyoming. She graduated from Luther College in 2012 with a B.A. in Psychology and Biology minor but spent most of her time there on collegiate swimming and helping out with behavioral research on Corvid birds. After a Stranding Response Internship with Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida and a Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship at Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Wisconsin, she returned to Clearwater Marine Aquarium for a job in sea turtle rehabilitation. The sea turtles stole her heart and told her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine so, after a few years, Cassie left Florida and moved back west because she missed the mountains and snow on Christmas. She’s now in the DVM class of 2022 at Colorado State University and works in the Santangelo lab on multiple projects examining mobility and osteoarthritis progression in the Hartley Guinea Pig model. She finds the research intriguing and enjoys the many quirks of the guinea pigs.