Rod Page

Director, Animal Cancer Center Clinical Sciences


(970) 297-4571

About Rod

Dr. Page is professor of oncology and director the CSU Animal Cancer Center. he also holds the Stephen Withrow Presidential Chair in Oncology. His research has focused on validation and use of advanced animal models of human cancer. Dr. Page’s work has been responsible for development of over 50 proof of concept studies and Phase I studies, 10 randomized Phase II and Phase III studies in support of new compounds or devices which intended for human clinical trials conducted mostly in companion and less companionable animals. Current efforts are focused on investigation of monoclonal antibody therapy of lymphoma and chemoprevention strategies focused on vitamin D.


BS, University of Colorado, 1975MS, Georgetown University Medical School, 1977DVM, Colorado State University, 1981


American College of Veterinary Medicine - 1. Specialty of Internal Medicine 1986 2. Specialty of Oncology 1989


1. Evaluation of anti-human leukocyte antigen-DR monoclonal antibody therapy in spontaneous canine lymphoma. Stein R, Balkman C, Chen S, Rassnick K, McEntee M, Page R, Goldenburg. Leukemia and Lymphoma epub Dec 6, 2010.