My interest in pathology began between my undergraduate education and the beginning of veterinary school while working for Neurotech Pharmaceuticals. My position as a research and development intern with this company introduced me to histology during our investigations into intraocular implants to treat retinal degenerative diseases. This early exposure to histology and pathology continued in the veterinary curriculum, which further strengthened my general interests, and led me to pursue a career in anatomic pathology. However I am eager to learn more about the various research opportunities within oncological pathology as well! I have a passion for learning, traveling, and am always looking to pursue unique life experiences. Since moving to Colorado most of my free weekends have been spent hiking in the mountains, but I also enjoy playing ice hockey, biking, skiing, traveling, spending time with my dog Ruby, as well as family and friends.


B.S., Salve Regina University , 2011Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University , 2016


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