Lindsay Parrie

Research Scientist / Scholar I Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

About Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay Parrie joined the Prion Research Center in 2012. Dr. Parrieā€™s research has focused on 1) the role of the normal cellular prion in neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration 2) the effect of misfolded prions on neurodevelopment and investigation of translational therapeutic strategies, and 3) infectivity of central vs. peripheral prions.


PhD, Zoology, Colorado State University, 2012BA, Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic , 2004


Parrie LE, Crowell JAE, Moreno JA, Suinn SS, Telling GC, Bessen RA. The cellular prion protein promotes neuronal regeneration after acute nasotoxic injury. Prion. 2020;14(1):31-41. doi:10.1080/19336896.2020.1714373Parrie LE, Crowell JAE, Telling GC, Bessen RA. The cellular prion protein promotes olfactory sensory neuron survival and axon targeting during adult neurogenesis. Dev Biol. 2018;438(1):23-32. doi:10.1016/j.ydbio.2018.03.012Clase AC, Dimcheff DE, Favara C, et al. Oligodendrocytes are a major target of the toxicity of spongiogenic murine retroviruses. Am J Pathol. 2006;169(3):1026-1038. doi:10.2353/ajpath.2006.051357