Gail Bishop, BS, is the Director for the Argus Institute, where she oversees the client support program. Gail’s role as a member of the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s clinical medical team is to assist and support clients with aspects of treatment and decision making they face during their pet’s illness. She also provides short term emotional and grief support to pet caregivers who are referred to the Argus Institute. She is the co-founder and advisor for CSU’s Pet Hospice program. Gail's experience comes from 34 years in positions such as the Bereavement Services Director for Hospice of Larimer County, Grief Counselor and Outreach Coordinator for Allnutt Funeral Service, and co-founder for the Suicide Resource Center of Larimer County. Gail has a well-loved husband named Jep and currently does not have pets, though that may change!


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