Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program D.V.M. and M.S. in Animal Sciences Combined Degree Program

Gain the preparation you need to become a livestock-oriented veterinarian through foundational industry training. Available areas of study include nutrition, breeding and genetics, dairy management systems, beef management systems, meat safety and quality, livestock behavior and welfare, cattle health, and reproduction.

In the first year of the combined program, students will complete M.S. coursework and will advance in their research efforts. The four-year veterinary degree begins in the fall of the second year of the combined program. Students will complete their research and prepare a manuscript for publication during the summers between years one and two, and/or between years two and three of the D.V.M. program. All M.S. degree work must be completed prior to entering the third year of the D.V.M. program.

Program Highlights

  • Partnership with CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Five-year program

Application Information and Deadlines

  1. Follow the general D.V.M. application process, ensuring you complete the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci section of the Colorado Supplemental Application.
  2. Once admitted to the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci program you must submit an application to the CSU Graduate School.

If you indicate you wish to be considered for the combined D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci program (on the Colorado Supplemental Application), your application will additionally be considered in the regular D.V.M. admissions pool. When decisions are released, if you receive an OFFER to the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci program, you will not be further considered in the regular D.V.M. admissions pool, regardless of whether or not you accept or decline the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci offer. If you are denied or designated as an alternate for the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci program, your application will be considered in the regular D.V.M. admissions pool.

If you withdraw your acceptance to the D.V.M./M.S.-AnSci program before/after matriculation into the graduate program, you will be dismissed from the professional D.V.M. program. You will have to re-apply for admission to the D.V.M. program or the graduate school.

If you obtain Colorado domicile (not the same as “residency”), it is possible to be admitted to the D.V.M. portion of the combined program as a Colorado sponsored student.

D.V.M. Application Process

Contact Us

Have questions about the program, minimum requirements, application process, or tuition and financial aid? Fill out the contact form to get in touch with our program staff.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students will receive a stipend toward full graduate tuition support for the first year of M.S. coursework including the summer before and after if necessary. The student's mentor or principal investigator will provide research project support for work conducted by that student within their laboratory. Additionally, students may be asked to generate a modest proposal for funding to augment project support. A student accepted to the program as a non-sponsored (out-of-state) student may convert to sponsored (in-state) status prior to matriculation in the D.V.M. program if he/she has fulfilled the requirements for establishment of Colorado domicile during the M.S. year.

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