Chris Orton

Professor, Cardiology Clinical Sciences

About Chris


PhD, Colorado State University, 1989DVM, Washington State University, 1978MS, Ohio State University, 1982BS, Oregon State University, 1974


Diplomate - American College of Veterinary Surgeons


Arai S, Lacerda CMR, Orton EC. Tissue-gel electrophoresis enhances antigen removal from porcine aortic valve and bovine pericardium. J Heart Valve Dis 19:753-758, 2010.Disatian S, Lacerda C, Orton EC. Tryptophan hydroxylase 1 expression is increased on phenotype-altered canine and human degenerative myxomatous mitral valves. J Heart Valve Dis 19:71-78, 2010.Scruggs SM, Disatian S, Orton EC. Serotonin transporter is down-regulated in late-stage canine degenerative mitral valve disease. J Vet Cardiol 12:163-169, 2010.Arai S, Griffiths LG, Mama K, Hackett TB, Monnet E, Boon J, Carter L, Orton EC. Bioprosthesis valve replacement in dogs with congenital tricuspid valve dysplasia: technique and outcome. J Vet Cardiol, 13:91-99, 2011.Lacerda CMR, Kisiday J, Johnson B, Orton EC. Local serotoinin mediates tensile strain-induced phenotype transformation and matrix alteration in cultured mitral valves. Am J Physiol: Heart & Circ 302:H1983-H1990, 2012.Lacerda CMR, MacLea H, Kisiday J, Orton EC. Static and cyclic tensile strain induce serotonin and myxomatous effector proteins in canine mitral valves. J Vet Cardiol 14:223-230, 2012.Lacerda CMR, Orton EC. Evidence of a role for tensile loading in the pathogenesis of mitral valve degeneration. J Clin Experi Cardiol, 2012. doi:10.4172/2155-9880.S3-004.Orton, EC, Lacerda CMR, MacLea HB. Signaling pathways in mitral valve degeneration. J Vet Cardiol 14:7-17, 2012.Orton, EC. Mitral valve degeneration: Still more questions than answers. J Vet Cardiol 14:3-5, 2012.

Research Specialty

Small Animal Exclusive/Predominant (including pet exotics)


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