Mark Brown

Associate Professor Clinical Sciences

About Mark

Dr. Brown is an Associate Professor of Molecular Oncology in the Department of Clinical Sciences. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Colorado School of Public Health as the Faculty Lead of the Global Health and Health Disparities Concentration. He has joint faculty appointments in the Epidemiology Section of the Colorado School of Public Health, the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Degree Program, the Department of Ethnic Studies and the University Honors Program. Dr. Brown is a University Honors Professor of Infectious Disease and Biotechnology and he is a Director in the University’s Institute for Learning and Teaching. His research interests include: molecular oncology; epigenetics; histone modifications; lysine methylation; enzyme inhibitor design; cultural and environmental factors of cancer; issues of health disparities; cultural history of infectious disease; engaging underrepresented students in the sciences; and engaging undergraduates in research.


PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2007MS, Georgetown University, , 2002BS, Colorado State University, 1998


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Research Specialty

Dr. Brown specializes in molecular oncology and epigenetic factors of embryological development. : Clinical interests: clinical management of colorectal, hepatocellular, and breast carcinomas. : Research interests: molecular oncology; histone modifications; small molecule drug development; epigenetic factors in cardiac morphogenesis and hematopoiesis; cultural and environmental factors of cancer; engaging underrepresented students in the sciences; and engaging undergraduates in research.