Izabela Ragan

Assistant Professor Biomedical Sciences

About Izabela

Dr. Izabela Ragan is a veterinary scientist that researches infectious diseases impacting human and animal health. Her laboratory focuses on emerging and neglected diseases with a specialty in viral pathogens. Dr. Ragan has extensive experience working in high-containment facilities to study high-consequence pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, Rift Valley fever virus, monkeypox virus, and African Swine fever virus. Her current research focuses on animal modeling as well as diagnostic and vaccine development for emerging and re-emerging pathogens. This includes the evaluation of a novel inactivation method (SolaVAX) to develop vaccine candidates and diagnostic tools. Additionally, her research evaluates the maintenance and transmission of arboviruses between vectors and reservoirs and the impacts of climate change on those interactions. As a first-generation American, Dr. Ragan welcomes international collaborations to tackle global health issues. Her academic passions include the training/mentoring of future veterinary scientists in the One Health approach, as well as facilitating strong academic writing practices in collaboration with CSU Writes.


Ph.D. in Pathobiology/Diagnostic Medicine, Kansas State University, 2018D.V.M., Kansas State University, 2014B.S., The Colorado College, 2009

Research Specialty

Infectious diseasesZoonosesTransboundary animal diseasesEmerging diseasesVirusesParasitesAnimal modelingDiagnostic developmentVaccine developmentHigh-containment researchVeterinary pathobiology